Vacation State

by DorisDuke

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released September 24, 2016



all rights reserved


DorisDuke Newport, Rhode Island

Four dudes from Newport, Rhode Island that make loud, fast, angry music normally reserved for those half their age.

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Track Name: JWX
A press conference, just self-defense
won't dignify the victims.
Survivalist mentality leads to a local arms race
Somnambulant and self-aware is not how we want our toddlers.
In god we trust? Arrogant fucks.
God forgot Western Connecticut.

The wheels of revolution are rusting,
and in their arrogance you're trusting.
Track Name: Fall of Rome
Cloth of collective conscience,
moth-eaten, tattered, torn.
Black shadows cast on concrete,
ghosts of this endless war.
Incapable of action, this body's crooked spine,
with swift and speedy justice,
burdens best left behind

Are you safe now?

There's no escape,
we're far from home,
welcome to the Fall of Rome
Forever waiting,
and we're lost alone,
welcome to the Fall of Rome

Go on tilt his head back,
for days and days and days
While we're still navigating,
this HM Prison maze
Close your eyes and swallow,
and drink from his cup
tomorrow may be ending but today has just begun

Are you safe now?
Track Name: Generations
We blame the shoeless for not having independent bootstraps
$100,000 dollar deans selling real estate ventures

We are a generation
Paying our parents way
Bled dry with nothing left to give
We are a generation
Conceived as cookie jars
Bled dry with nothing left to give.

The plague and bile inherent
In for-profit education
An infection on our cities,
Ignorance and wage stagnation
And greed it blinds us to,
The suffering of all our neighbors
They’re bleeding black air to survive

We are,
A generation
We are,
Track Name: Just Like Rifles
Your seduction, and the suction,
you're a black hole, you're sucking me in.
Emancipation, jubilation
now you've bled all you can bleed from me.
Finally got my tongue out of your mouth.

How does it feel, when he drags his greasy fingers down your spine?
and I know that his touch is much more sensual than mine.
and his arms they're like rifles, they're keeping you safe,
but just in case.

I can feign interest so well, that it's almost an art form,
this artist's choking on his coffee lid.
Taste his hemlock on your lips,
and his tattoos are of no use to you,
and less of me is more than you can take.